jazz show proof for liz

thanks to husband, for helping me light paint in the darkness of our wild backyard :)

masquerade ball 2013

almost 9 months in the planning. combing venues, marketing, creating and disseminating forms, receiving registrations complete and incomplete, returning checks not correctly filled out, ordering decorations, organizing volunteers - so many volunteers. how lucky to be surrounded by so MANY willing hands and hearts for the sake of our young adults. some of those said young adults are moving away this fall, so the impetus was there to turn up the swag level on our formal this year. the purple orchid innkeepers rhiannon and derek eddy did not disappoint. lovely grounds with meandering paths, a pool and fountain, orchards, the perfect weather conditions, 107 fancifully dressed teenagers with masks, parents directing traffic, 2 outdoor portrait stations, a rocking DJ, food galore, indoor photobooth...ahhhh the sigh of relief that they were happy. so good!


below photo credit: sarah ryann

throwback thursday :)

happy birthday, husband. here's a shot from the earlier years, in his happy place. i posted this to my facebook timeline and asked friends to comment. by the night's end he had something like 50 comments and more likes. love!

get away

a quick overnight escape to the ocean. oceanfront, actually. a simple penthouse apartment in half moon bay, just the two of us, on the beach, panoramic view and time to simply be. the weeks leading up to this have been frenetic...anniversary, birthday, masquerade ball, ballet, ballet shoot, life, school. so many details, so many details, so many details. more on the other events later.

this short trip had the same qualities as our alaskan cruise: check out time, when the crashing of the vast ocean waves drowns the noise in our heads. 19 years ago we vowed "i do". we still do. we're in a good place and i want to keep celebrating our wedding day as we were then - 
and as we are now.

an annual easter party at the bizz*ni property

annual events with family we love in the central valley. so fun to see these kids grow, change, develop.

 now there is a grandbaby
 yes, budding photographers make my heart happy :)
 they used to all fit on the tractor...mostly in the bucket alone

 the roles have switched
 the young photog sees magic light in everything. love her.

 these two...2 peas in a pod