exuberant life

i especially love how people find their way to me. maria and i met years ago while homeschooling, via an art class taught by angela johal. i always wanted to photograph her frolicking miss r in a pettiskirt, although she had plenty of her own ideas. maria invited me into their private world, chalk full of nature collections, tea parties, legos, midwestern hospitality and easiness, crick-stompin, chicks, boots, books, skirts and the house that husband (re)built. maria and bill met in the peace corps. their exuberance for life, art, love and family is evident in everything. such a treat to work with. thank you for requesting me. :)

yes, yes, it is ok with me

my dancers - i think so fondly of them all - grow and progress, seek me out for photo sessions, come prepared..."kerri can i do that jump...can i try...is it ok if i..."? oh yes indeed, it is ok with me to push your creative limits, step outside of comfort, be willing to express movement in one's own way. they make my heart sing, and they appreciate me. so long as they want to work with me, i will continue to push *myself* in new directions to meet them right where they are. what makes your heart sing?

honoring a lady

a reception honoring my very dear mother in law, gayle, held by her eastern star friends, sisters and brothers at the alta mira house, the location of her women's club. so good to see her recognized for some of her work. and as the photos subsequent to her reception demonstrate, i cannot resist a photo opp in a lovely space. the mirror shots...the last time i looked into that mirror i was shooting a 40th wedding anniversary...with beloved son on my back in a carrier.

my girl taught me how to do this

high speed action at the beach <----click here

natural bridges

natural bridges, our once-a-year trip to the pacific ocean with this great group of families. little miss is my favorite sea princess super hero, complete with cape. time is fleeting and limited with these growing teens and i am so thankful for the time we still have together. followed up with ice cream in santa cruz, at a shop with the unforgettable flavor, "heaven". :)


yes, that is it. my world has been quite fluffy. little girls, colorful tutus, ballet slippers and pink and white tights...round cheeks, wide eyes. fresh backdrop, 4 dozen roses, a child sized chair and sofa, a repurposed frame, books, pillows. i could just kiss them all. the other side of that coin...an 11 hour day. here is a little peek into the first half of that day with my little fluffy sweeties...