to the hamlet that time forgot

feeling thankful and centered for time away with friend b and madlyn j. i treasure these times and experiences, grateful for the ability to be giggly or quiet, thoughtful or expressive in this company. rustic met sparkly, kitchy met modern, and all was good.
to simply be and to be so.
i love them.


down it must go. the beetles are winning. she had been here since 1960, but within 2 afternoons she was felled. the last few years' rings are so close together, showing stress from drought. her branches are covering the entire left side of the yard. 
the scent is glorious...
it looks and smells like our mountain property.

how the years shaped her as she aged

nature's confetti

friday reward

on day five of my work week i am worn out - mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. after a quick hike with my furry friend (favorite renewal #1) i hit the nursery for some succulent goodness and revitalization. what a treat. it's sad to see the roses go, but they have not tolerated the drought. these are a welcome change. this kind of change keeps me balanced.

favorite color and shape...

creative fun seekers

i kind of love fort mason. it reminds me of the midwestern artisan spaces open to the public. the funky old buildings that may or may not meet ada requirements also feel european in their antiquatedness and quarkery. found a delicious bookstore with my friend lauri, who also alerted me to this re:make event. how fun to experience it through our freshman's eyes. love her. love them.