doing for others

we knitted and sculpey'd, brewed up hot cocoa from almond milk, cleaned out the pond, played instruments, jumped rope, trampolined, scootered to the park, and collected flowers. there were hot wheels cars and neighborhood boys, bouncing balls and "watch me, auntie kerri!" child's play is the nectar of life's sweetness when diversion is the end goal. while grandmother was under ICU care i had the privilege of being the kerri-godmother, a term garnished from her daddy. and i regret i only captured one shot of her brother. more next time. :)
if we are to be anything, let us be useful and available to those we love. let us be willing to do for others and make time when need presses. how else can we then ask for help when we are the ones in want of it?
keeping her momma in my heart.


everyone photographs flowers. so i resist them. but they are appearing in our wanderings, from voice lessons in walnut creek to strolls in the hills, at the library in town, etc. their natural beauty is magnetic, their colors and delicacy breathe vibrant life into a grey and otherwise wet, dormant world. the goal being to give new life to the familiar - and often i wonder if that is possible: to make images of that which otherwise seems cliche."pretty pictures of flowers." hoh-hum. i do not know. all i know is i know very little...and that their annual emergence is the physical manifestation of life longing for itself. and *that* is impossible to overlook.

making space for creativity

making physical and mental space for creativity seems fleeting these days. for a few hours at least, the time was mine to play and explore in ruffles, serging, and colorful patchworks of fabric. aprons. love.


i neglected to post this one! it was lovely. variations in motion: such a tremendous amount of choreography - 3 hours of production, twice in one night. so proud of my young dancer and all the others as well. (thank you debbie, for the pic!)
the full show gallery is here:

birthday girls

pink. flowers, tea, cupcakes, sugar, chocolate covered cookies, banners from the alaskan fabric she brought me back from her cruise, words of inspiration of the way i think of her. sarah's 39th, and kelly's too. laughing, reliving half a life ago.pretty packages. sweetness. love you birthday girls.

spring approaches

it's coming. the rain continues to moisten the world and the greyness sets my mood just right. wet weather creates a pallette of stillness and space for creative venues and thoughts overmuddled by the daily requirements of life. amid geography and english lessons, laundry, driving, algebra, queen victoria and the civil rights movement of the 60's, spanish, biology, and driver's ed, there is a glimmer of life stirring in a new direction. i am a captive audience of potentiality, and wait in anticipation as the buds emerge, slowly open, affording life anew. spring approaches!

a little escape to the happiest place on earth came with the shocking irony of the horror of japan's earthquake and tsunami on day 4 of our trip. we watched from the perching hills of carlsbad for the impending waves to hit, only to find they had subsided by the time of reaching our southern shores.
filled with gratitude for simplest yet valuable of all things: life. and family. and time. donating to the red cross now. thank you sarah, for sharing your pictures with me.  - mom