rhythm of the night

edited for you, liz. sunday evening. are we ok to print? kerri

jazz posters, stage 1

for liz. let me know which one. 
i still need:
-show name
-dates and times
i will add theater and ticket information, etc., keeping the lettering to a minimum. keep in mind the color in reality is more rich and vibrant than is showing on blogger.
 ... kerri

graduation insert samples

debbie, as promised, here are a few quick mock ups of potential inserts for kristin's graduation announcements. these are "roughs", screen captures from the software application to give you an overview of two press printed options:
a - "folded business card" format printed on both sides, folded in the middle, with or without added text on the same cardstock as my business card
$50 for 100
(highest wow-factor if you ask me)

<---side 1 sample

<---side 2 sample

b - "rep card" flat format also printed on both sides (similar to a business or calling card, same cardstock)
$60 for 100

<-----side 1 sample

<-----side 2 sample

another option would be wallet prints on traditional photographic paper, about $1 per piece.

after uploading, any of these options should arrive within 2 business days.

- kerri

kristin. part 1.

for you krissy, debbie, and charlie. and lexie and crush too.
one part classic, one part ethereal and the unexpected, combined carefully with youthful senior optimism.  
full gallery available at my website: www.zenfolio.com/fuloflyfe

:) kerri
chair loaned by gina of tangerine: http://www.elevenmorningstangerine.com/


"stanford splash" they call it. i will call it fantastic. the kids took courses in the quad area classrooms for a full weekend in april: tou-hou (like manga), japanese, korean, juggling, never give up, globetrotting/studying abroad, improv, and others that escape my memory. lunch delivered. glorious weather. fun student teachers and a gorgeous campus.while they test drove college, i spent time alone and with my good friend lauri, poking around the campus grounds, wandering around paths and plantings, for the most part, following our curious noses. downtown palo alto charmed me to no end. storybook houses, lovely gardens, even dogwoods in full bloom (no camera at the time, unfortunately.) here are a few lasting impressions from the enchanting campus known as stanford.

i remembered. balloon animals. :)

peter pan, the poster

miss teapot book cover samples

miss teapot, let me know if we are going in the right direction. <3, kerri
cover front option 1 or 2:


peter pan

the call from the ballet studio came two days ago, wednesday. "we need a publicity shot for the bankhead. by saturday. can you do it?" i wasn't sure, in all honesty. how would i have time with a schedule already bursting? after the panic, i slept on it and composed a magical image in my mind, consisting of peter and tink flitting through their woodland setting and wendy happening upon them by surprise. i knew to get the image desired i'd need 3 seperate exposures - one of each dancer. the camera and lens must remain basically in place, unchanged throughout the session, to avoid wonky distortions and angles. afterward the images would be layered one on top of the other into a master file. 
we shot this evening, friday. matthew assisted. after taking peter home, i've immersed myself in this project without interruption.
here are the shots, one of each character. the final image follows, composited into a publicity piece i hope she will be delighted with.
And the final composite: (click the image to see it larger)

compositing reality

is it a trick? a slight of hand? has he multiplied? no, it's just photoshop. :)playing with composites while my mind spins circles around ideas to fine tune.

also, a composite of dear daughter, who is "test driving" a new hairdo. will she go for the cut? will consult with our stylist friday. can't wait to see what she decides. (no bangs across the eyes or color shifts though.)

a visual comparison

i take it for granted, the ability to visualize a print enlarged on a wall, the reproduction of a wee sized proof into an art piece WOW. but my customers largely cannot "see" the end result of what could be. so i've created a visual comparison for them. take a look-see here:
next up: collections!


t'was the truth. platters prepared with cheeses, vegetables and sprouted corn tortillas garnished with fresh rosemary and tiny daisies upon arrival, a jamie oliver dinner of chicken stew over rice, and breakfast of oatmeal and steeped chai - the portions of which i am now the lucky posessor. and yes, all of the food prepared by a 15 year old mistress of the kitchen whose current read is Little Women.
reserved, quiet play and discussion by the girls, exuberant, vociferous frolicking of the boys, a warmly lit night-time play house, dinner with the daddy, bunny time, bubbles, the exchange of ideas and vision: collaboration, and the planning of that which comes. does it get any better than this? i think not. loving the new silk fluffy and anticipating the next. the bending, blending and comprehending of ideas simply works. i love you friend b.