decluttering, reorganizing

i've finally taken the time to do it...reorganize, sort, de-clutter and otherwise overhaul my website, which at 25,000+ images, needed some love and attention. now there are just a few collections on the homepage to navigate through, depending on desired content: 
  • performing arts (the dancers i love so much to photograph)
  • commercial (so many fun and creative projects coming into being there)
  • the working portrait (empowering others to photograph!)
  • giving back (free services for local groups)
  • art prints (no explanation needed)
it feels good. it feels tidy. i feel re-purposed and inspired to CREATE, now that my mental space has been de-cluttered and reorganized. 

design project start to finish, part i

laura is a strong, focused, articulate and talented visionary with an uncompromising eye. although i will keep this project private until otherwise told, i can tell you, she is a wonder to be with, and i should add...a pleasure, at that. not only informative, graciously detailing textures, brands, styles, patterns and other points of interest, but intuitive among people and personalities, all together commanding yet kind to those with whom she works and whom serve her. so many details to manage! in a word: inspiring.
part ii coming soon.
(he was my favorite...the perfect combination of competent, joyful assistance. the fabrics....ohhhh the fabrics!)
oh yes, and she's fun too. :)
 Thursday: Lafayette.

courtney, 2012

my giggly sweet neice has surpassed the senior portrait stage and so we move on to college-girl...from an outlook looking onto the san francisco bay, to a hidden redwood grove, to the base of the golden gate, we covered miles and hours, in a fast and furious conveyance of outfit and location changes, always chasing the sun, which we nearly lost. her happy car and joyful outlook make me smile. thankful for my willing assistant, sarah.