Winter affords a hibernation of creativity that begs to be expressed. But like the mind, the world seems grey here. The moist cold keeps me constantly adding layers for an added warmth that never actually reaches my fingertips or toes. The flowers and leaf buds wait, the fruit is long from emerging. But the birds. The birds are still present, ever talkative and plan-making, keeping each other going through the cold months. They keep me going too in their chitty chatty, planning, nest feathering, traveling, working, preparing, arranging, coordinating, calling, ever moving forward. Like my friends. I love them so.

Foggy morning walks bring on a new perspective of the world around, an enshrowding of the known into something unknown, enigmatic, potential.

The ladies had their portraits taken today. Their loving guardian, my farmgirl friend Sarah wanted something in the print to catch the viewer's eye. Eleanor, Nancy, Daisy and Martha make their debut here. They were really quite nice subjects to photograph. I dare say, our shenanigans never even ruffled their feathers. We will now call her oldest son the Chicken Whisperer. Aren't they stunning? 

I am so lucky. Do you know why? Because while I convalesced through a bad cold, my lovely daughter took it upon herself to don the orange rubber washing gloves and clean the dishes. Generally my young ones put all the dishes away, among other household chores. Washing food yuck is probably her least favorite task. This was her selfless act in an attempt to help me. And it did. 
Thank you Miss S for your kind deed. :)
Sometimes inspiration comes from the inside, literally.
Even after a brisk hour-long walk through vineyards yesterday, the fog and damp left a chill that permeated through every layer of clothing, negating any desire to seek out imagery. Eager to find something beautiful, it forced me to look closely, right at home. It was point and shoot time yesterday, using the wee little Nikon Coolpix Santa brought our family, a challenge self-imposed. It's been a long time since using a P&S. Although tempermental, the macro optics have a lot of potential, and although I know this, but must be reminded is not what you have, but what you purpose to do with it.  
Here are a few images of peace and solace, thanks to the tool that was available.  The pitcher is actually a creamer. The little dainties are each no bigger than a quarter.
Wants and wishes are good, and can propel us forward, 
but don't we usally already have enough?

So many projects in mind, but first, completion of those already begun. At least that is the intention. And that intention deliberately slows me, focuses my attention on that which already awaits. It is so very easy to become distracted. In fact, another project beckons me from the other room, so I will speak no more of it until its time. That Miss Teapot has me wanting to make a knitted cozy for a family room lampshade...focus...focus...

A cold chill has seeped in. Hot tea aside, I am fully aware of the cold engulfing parts of the nation, and the gift of fresh local organic produce in the middle of winter.  Every Friday the box arrives at my front door. I somehow miss the delivery driver, so the discovery is a weekly "oh!", a treat to the senses.
And I am grafeful.

Party Over Here

It's a birthday, and all the dollies gathered, even Bobbie Six Shooter. What a lucky way to spend the afternoon, rediscovering Miss Teapot's adornments. Who's the guest of honor? Me!