may, june, july...

tick tock, tick tock...the wheel of time turns swiftly, despite my plans. the hydrangeas are in full bloom thanks to the recycled grey water, the school year has officially closed, the yearbook finalized, boy scout and church camps looming but no formal summer travel plans await us this year. the budget prevents it, so day trips and local venues it is! my own school term ended last month....30.3 units down, 57 to head oscillates between full and numb. last two weeks: don quixote, shakespeare, woolfe, orwell, freud, erikson, piaget, oates, brown vs. board of education, fair trade, ethics of manufacturing....i complain not. rather, i am on fire with academia.tick tock, tick tock...

but first, my beautiful friend donna, rebuilding, renewing, and entering back into her lovely colorful literary world.
  lavonne's 80th surprise party
 fundraising during off-hours for special olympics at fry's
 the 501st at the church's annual senior picnic
 opening ceremonies u c davis
 love this guy...
 father's day
 fruit picking with friends. being in the orchard gathering those delicious stone fruits gave me the feeling of being 8 years old. utter delight.
 accompanying his dad fishing :)
 20 years!? how did that happen?!