phoen*x rising

Quick weekend get-away trip with my boyfriend ;-)
Destination: Phoenix
Lovely mosaics as public art pieces

 Lovingly restored Victorians in Heritage Park
 Surprisingly beautiful color palettes
 Hand forged details not to be missed, and yet sorely missing in today's craftsmanship of mass market-ism

 Quiet modern hotel-provided retreat spaces 
 a sensational view from our top floor room

how my mind recalls it, in its bokeh bliss

dinner with local AZ IT lucky!

diamondbacks game (they won!) 

and the root of it all - the conference peeps...who make me giggle

call it magic

and then there is my own current happy place...experiencing the musicality and lyrics of coldplay in concert again with one of my dearest.

the long walk to levi's stadium...and a stop along the way for refreshments :) 

inside the many people!

settling in and feeling giddy

 lights will guide you home
 you're a sky full of stars
(thousands of paper ones)

in my place
(my happy place)

paving the way

it was a trial run, really...a sampling of what we might like in our little forest home in the mountains.
the old step had rotted, begging for new beginnings.

 it often works this way...i envision it and communicate it 
to this guy.
he engineers and plans it.
we both carried the load to the job site, but he did the hard work.
he is amazing, learning as he goes along.
he rocks.

 tomorrow: sand. 
and yes, there will definitely be some sort of cobble patio (and firepit, pond and bocce court) at our forest cottage.

she loves the lights

before starting radiation, she asked to go back to the city to watch the sun set and watch the lights come on her iconic bridge. the ferry it was, with ice cream and dinner in the ferry building. it is her happy place, and i am glad to have taken her.