baby wood

simple. classic. baby. 5 months. at that point of just starting to sit up on her own. i miss these stages. i could just kiss her kiss her kiss her.
babies make everything all better.
catch her momma and daddy at:
crown by gina gabriel:
tutu by miss teapot

She loves to bake, to tend to the rabbits and the chickens. She loves to draw happy animals and play quietly. And she still loves to dress like mommy. And mommy can sew. :)
The mommy is also a champion of a friend, who always lends a selfless hand to anyone in need.
They are very dear to me.
My life would not be the same without them.

1/2 mile hike in pointe shoes, 1 hour 40 minutes, and a setting sun

my level of respect for ballerinas has reached a new height. hiking in pointe shoes. this shoot flew quicker than any other, with far less time than would have been ideal, a cloudy sky that obliterated our already limited light, a terrain that required constant movement like a sprawling chattering gypsy caravan, but topped with a group effort nothing less than stellar. the conceptual direction: water, wind. i know i've said it about the dancers before. but really, i love them.

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"Kerri! I received your package this evening, and although I haven't been able to look at the disc yet, I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Working with you was such a blessing and the disc and prints you sent me are beautiful! The fact that you took so much time and effort into something, that was by some sort involving m...e, makes me feel so privileged and I am feeling very well about them, and I wanted to thank you again for your hard work and vision.

xoxo - Jonathan"


The epitome of creative professionalism, Jonathan Mercer displays a comfort in front of the camera that awes me. Perhaps it is closer to envy. Jonathan, you are an absolute delight to work with. Thank you for inviting me into your creative process.

wrapping up

Last of the jazz shots, these particularly speak to me. Amy, teacher, willing to give it 110% knowing the fall is coming. One word. Dedication.

Favorite shot of the movement. Magic.

jazz, part II

Even under the weight of sadness from last week's death, they still dug deep and pulled through. My heart hurts for them and feels uplifted by their strength all the same. Their expression is in itself, a celebration of life, right here, right now.