part of husband's missouri family came, as did others from the area, converging in san ramon. fortunately we will get to see the "kids" in september for the next wedding back in st. charles. yummy food, excellent company, charades, etc. we may not get to see them often, but for the time we did have together, i am grateful.

lynnette's revisions, etc.

You have to see it for yourself in order to decide. Let me know your preferences Lynnette. All edges will be die cut scalloped as well. Kerri






Also! Your composite of 5 images (4 jazz, one ballet). Color or black and white?

for sara and alynda

i will wait to hear back from you :) kerri

where the heart goes

there are places in the heart that feed us when we need it most, restore us when we have lost our resources, and nurture us when we least expect it. some friendships are like that too. savoring a lovely time away, in the quiet place of my mind and my heart. loving you, friends.

postcards from paris and germany

it is nearly impossible to convey complete feelings through a postcard. but small amounts of visual detail can be enough, and enough to keep one longing for more, wondering what your dear friend is experiencing, and feeling joy for their travel.

there are very few people who could tolerate my need for quiet and reflection on such a trip and this friend is just the one. her note, "wish you were here is an understatement" literally brought me to tears. to see the louvre, the seine, walled medieval german towns and indomitable stone castles with probably the only other person i know more introspective than i am? well. it has been such a long time and thursday we reunite in sonoma county. i can't wait, friend b. i miss you.
besides, it's birthday time...

for charalynn

charalynn, here are my suggestions for amanda's metal prints, plus one additional image previously overlooked, now edited and  uploaded to the jazz gallery (it is the first image in the gallery now). i hope you find this helpful! also, i've included a close up of 123 to show the detail in the eyes, which are indeed open but not largely. still a great shot. (for your benefit, i wouldn't have included it in the gallery were the eyes closed.) let me know which metal print you wish and i will queue the order. if you need assistance placing your gallery wrap and traditional print order online, i am happy to help! best, kerri

wilson christmas card

for debbie, a one-piece, double sided greeting with something colorful, light, a conveyance of peace and hope for the new year, focusing on that which makes her most happy,, kerri (p.s., the edges will be scalloped by die-cut samples as shown below them, and i can reorient them so they are both vertical if you wish.)


traditions change as the kiddos get older and i'm ok with that. while one wanted to attend the annual october corn maze, the other had no interest. same with the family dance/costume party, and trick or treating. but she did, in the end, join her friends for halloween night candy-getting and i am glad of it. they might be getting older but the fun is not lost at halloween. :)
thank you lauri and sarah for the trick or treat and dance photos, kerri

after attending stanford all day, we took decorations and set up the dance party. disco ball! afterward came the clean - up, then sarah and i headed back to stanford the next day, followed at 5 by attending the So You Think You Can Dance tour show. so much in one weekend, but it all worked out well in the end.