mask making industry

one of the boys decided to sell homemade masks as a fundraiser for the Ball. such an industrious soul. so the friends gathered here. they painted, glued, cut and glittered until a small collection assembled. we are missing one in our group photo, but it was fun nonetheless.

speaking of young friends

when their birthdays roll around, i post fun pictures like this on their facebook walls. so fun to read comments and make people smile. :)


it's emerging! spring has arrived in its glorious little miracles. recently more than not i have left my camera at home. but the daily emergings of life and renewal are everywhere, regardless of my capturing of it. it is a good season for relationships and growth, energizing ideas, collaborative and personal projects. this image is personal, for my young friends. spring makes me excited for their tomorrows.  

still life in manual

they're getting it! so proud of my adult students. all busy moms with more to do than can really be done, yet they've invested time and focus in their own growth and creativity. they leave with heads filled to the brim, and anticipation. i can't wait to see what they capture as they progress. here is their first still life, and in full manual mode. :)


wild concepts

i spent several hours this morning working on a conceptual piece for the ballet (below)which inspired a walk in the local wilds during a lunch time escape.

after months of feeling rotten, having the lung capacity to enjoy an outdoor trail is nothing short of joyous. why is the sound of pebbles under foot so satisfying? probably because of the lack of it in our everyday lives surrounded by cement. cosby leads the way, keeping a close watch on me. he doesn't let me fall too far behind. (camera: my old cell. phone. i like all the movement in this running image.)
the tail never stops wagging. with its white tip, it's like a flag, the standard, leading the way.
 happy tails to you. :)

gigs for the dj

he's becoming more entrepenuerial every day. this day included providing the audio for a lovely ballet performance to coincide with a california inspired art exhibit by three local artists. it's so good to see your kids in their element. he sets up and runs everything entirely by himself. he's cute in his vest and tie too. :) most 14 year old boys would never consider a ballet gig. this one is no ordinary 14 year old boy.

tourists at the presidio

 it's fun playing tourist locally, especially when playing with good friends. son and our dear friend martha headed to the disney museum again. the end hallway is so hard to get through dry-eyed. happily, photography is now allowed throughout the museum. not knowing this in advance, the ipad had to suffice.
i want to stay at the presidio overnight, wake up in that segment of the city and feel the fog and temperature shift and change. the inn at presidio? who will come with me?