summer slips by

i blinked and the sun set on Labor Day. summer is slipping away, just when i thought i had some breathing room. it is not to be. 9 months and 44 units completed. my study habits are relentless but voluntary. if i keep momentum going, this marks the halfway point for school.
summer: friends, family, camps, camping, service projects, beaches, caching, music, shows, gigs, over-nighters, museums, driving - lots of it. summer love. i'm not ready for it to end. i have not seen all my loved ones.

 b*y scout camp

 shaver lake
 geocaching from one camp to the next
 day tripping with youth group peeps
 sending britton off to college with prayer
 acoustic praise on new brig*ton beach
 typical golden fields early in the drought
 her tap bebut <3 br="">
  pin-tucking exhibit and tour

 surprise visitor from tulsa
 memorial day and independence day events with grampa
 piano guys live (woohoo!)
 his baptism

 church camp
 time with my little people

 donner lake (rain?!)
 dodging rain at the best art gallery, complete with mad chess matches and complimentary wine
 fishing trek

labor day camp trip lake s*n*ma

seabright (a.k.a.: annual natural br*dges trip.)
photo credit: nico falabella

 photo credit: nico falabella
photo credit: drew falabella
blues dancing with her son. now that will make a mama happy. :)