collage designs

how to include as many dancers as possible in a poster for the show? two posters, of two collages, each one comprising four smaller collages, all composited together. putting time into this company is a joy. 

Miss Teapot, Winter

oh heavens she has been so patient waiting for her images we shot that early cold morning in fall. i hope they are well received. but what i want to know most - do the recipients of these exquisitely crafted crowns know the loving personal attention to detail she dedicates to each and every one? do they know the hand made-ness that permeates literally every detail of these adornments? the beeswaxed frames, the hand beading, the hand-stamped miniature ceramics fired in her home kiln, the hand-sewing, the machine sewn touches on every single hang tag, the attention to non-toxic materials, the time and passion put in to natural fibers for every piece. do they know?? i want them to.
i love you miss teapot, friend b, cheryl.

complete session at

diabetic youth foundation publicity

final proofing below of the lsod upcoming ballet, benefiting our friends at the diabetic youth foundation:

Master Poster and Postcard, 2nd revision, January 16:

Postcard alternate 1:
Postcard Alternate 2:

introducing miss gwyn, 14 days old

she was a dream. calm, relaxed, easy going. just like her mother. our session of 3 hours was spent in warmth and sharing, new mama elluding to this new world of her's and me to remembering those early days of learning the language of a new baby. comfortable in her own home, we made our way around several rooms finding a little of this, and a little of that, all the while miss gwyn felt obliged to accommodate. never far from the reaches (or barks) of fuego and rumba, they are also in the full photo session, here:
tutu by miss teapot

bammie weekend, arnold

a fantastic woodland cabin, 2 nights, 3 days. blankets of snow, knitting projects, party hat construction, jewelry making, shopping in quaint old murphy's, eating, hot tub, wine, laughing until crying, jokes, rest, renewal. love my bammie girlfriends. missed the others who could not attend. 15 years. and counting.