Storms pass over the Bay Bridge...
and the urban wilds of San Francisco...
But it's the excitement brewing at the Marina that we've come
to partake in...
Grumpy and the condiment arrive to take the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, which has lost
all of its funding for winter sports.

Plungers gather...

And they're off!

A crazy cold day is had by all, in a most hilarious way.

gone with the wind

Harsh, unforgiving midday sun did not detere us today. Instead, we worked with what we had available and made do.  When working out of doors, one must adjust to the elements and adapt accordingly. As the rest of the week calls for rain, we jumped at the opportunity to shoot on this day, in between crazy schedules, while the flowers briefly revealed themselves. Miss W played her part perfectly as Scarlet O'Hara in her homespun gown, among flittering plum blossoms and birds. Donna, you'll find your proofs here... :)

self portrait

Recent class assignment called for a self-portrait. Not my favorite of tasks, let me tell you. Here is the end result, with the defining elements including the minimization of me in relationship to this lovely, historic room in the preserved Victorian Peralta House. The oversized scrapbook gives an odd, Alice in Wonderland quality that I was after, with the pages opened to one of several of my mother in law in the 1960's as part of the women's auxilary group that supports and cares for the property. She is still a very active member.

Old homes, filled with memories and history are my place. They remind me of childhood in Alameda, in the little Queen Anne from which I began. As required for the assignment, it is SOOC (straight off the camera), all manual settings, which is generally how I shoot anyway. A parlour shot with Miss S follows as well.

For Lana


Including a few more goodies from Lana's little memories of time and quiet space enjoyed. It is such validation that she is delighted with her images. Rule #1: do not compromise - work with those who appreciate you.

An aside...when your clients show you the tea and chocolate stash and leave you to work alone, at will, you know for certain, life is full of kindness.

Just maybe, the angel resting on the patio table is my personal favorite. Don't you just want to stretch out with a down pillow?

As for the rest, you'll have to go here:

Sweet Valentine

Loving thoughts to you, my friends, on this Valentine's Day.

     Today to complete the image capturing of the Kloch studio. Lana is a wonderfully generous and gracious host. I feel so lucky to have the invitation to create vignettes of her collections. To have creative license, lucky me. A coffee table book perhaps? One room almost completed, most of the house still to do.

Today I made time to play my instrument. Oh the fingers are out of shape! But it is good to play
again, and continue I will.
What did you do for your own self today?