youthful sunshine

energetic, caring, sweet, giggly, girlie. courtney.



a freeze crept over the valley while we slept. early morning portraits. cold. ice crystals giving way under the morning light.

mt. parnassus proof copies

kim and karen, i'll wait for your decision to send a suitable copy via email. - kerri

the proper care and feeding of the self...

involves time out for play with other big girls of craft and creation. second soldering class with julee hermann. once the portrait season somehow ceases (like that alliteration julee?) i sense a solderfest coming on. tangerine is, just, ginalicious. looking forward to the handbound journal class. next time i shall remember my tea and slippers.  

tangerine goodness... 

hampered by rain

love rain. just don't enjoy taking family portraits in it. it dampens the spirits, distracts everyone. this may have been the fastest family photo shoot ever. unfortunately, it also is not one of our favorite results. even starting out extra early @ 7:30 and changing locations, sometimes you just don't get that certain something.


variations in color scheme...8, 9, or 10?



light for the path

it's there. you just have to be willing to see it. or have the interest. and the desire to wait for the right moment when the shadows part, the veil is lifted. eyes up. arms and heart open. receptive. opportunity awaits. autumn days filled with history stories read out loud, an essay begun, spelling words on a down- filled couch. the fountain bubbling in the background, the birds in constant sweet choral exchange throughout the trees, flitting in and out of dappled light and waning warmth of fall. grateful? yes, i am. the path is crystal clear.

at work

it's always the same. every time i see myself in a picture i cringe. that sixth grade dorky feeling takes over. but at my age i can now laugh. seeing myself at work just makes me giggle. husband took these this past weekend while assisting.

Photo #1 - eerie, almost clinical. the all seeing eye 

Photo # 2
A test for the introverted woman...front and center of a group of men, all in suits or tuxedos.

Photo #3
But really, they are a wonderful bunch of gentlemen who always make my visits pleasant. How can it be that they have asked me back year after, since 1995? Usually the job entails the group photo then headshots, sometimes a master portrait. And now and then I get a fun one in the bunch. :)


when the sadness of a suicide grips, sometimes the only way out is through action. i know personally the pain of not knowing the answers to the unanswerable question, "why?" making sense of it can be ellusive. the biggest need becomes the filling of the void left, and without anger. then acceptance. then peace, finding a 'new norm'. it takes time. and a lot of love.
husband's best friend from preschool through their twenties committed suicide unexpectedly, leaving a family bereft, dazed. my own father inadvertenly took his own life while attempting to end his, a strange twist of events that have forever rocked me to the core. again, those of us who remain are left to grapple, to understand, to make sense of the nonsensical, to heal.
the cannon family is reeling after the loss of their husband and father. i donated to the cannon family support fund, but my own funds are limited too so the repeated, nagging question remained: what else can i do? i cannot take away the hurt. i cannot bring him back. but i can support them and encourage others to do the same. i can pray for their peace of mind. i can take something of my own and turn it into something good and productive for them. christmas is coming. i truly want to add light to their holiday.
i've spent the past several years working with the dance studio our children call their own. i can take the book i had made for the directors and offer it as a commemorative gift for all the families of the school. i can turn all the proceeds for the month of november into a present for the cannon family's christmas gift buying. i can do something. 
if anyone sees this erroneously as a marketing tactic i will feel sad and disgusted. this is not about me. this is about doing something for someone else because it is right and it is good.  yes, take action. this is something i can do.