Miss Teapot's Summer collection of crown adornments is about natural fibers - wool, cotton, silk; unique and exquisite details such as metal clay, hand dyed velvets, needle and bead work, repurposed vintage fabrics, acorn pouches with dainty surprises, hand painted yarn, and needle felting.
Miss Teapot is about staying true to herself, incorporating the natural world while marrying vision with a joyful sense of play. Her designs are available for children of all ages at the Ark on 4th Street in Berkeley.
Every season is a creation of newness and wonder
unlike anything else.

Staying with Miss Teapot means hospitality, care, attention, and always a venture into a new creative outlet. More on that tomorrow. Our visit also included down-time and attendance at the annual Scottish Ball.

Making ready.
A lone bagpiper begins the Grand March.
Strathspeys, reels, jigs. Bow and courtsey.  The participants dance until midnight, when we finally make our way home after a buffet of sandwiches and tea.
Summer's early morning light to capture part of Miss Teapot's latest collection, breakfast served, 
steamy fresh coffee, ruffled tutu tutorial (tuturial?)
and paper cranes.
There is just this to say:
And...I already miss you.

Ok, so maybe not cousins by relation, but family at heart. :) Fairyland. 

More museum hopping in today's entry as it pertains to the DeYoung Art Museum. Enjoyed the larger-than-life sized Impressionist paintings on exhibit from France, but truly preferred the slower pace and improved elbow room in the rest of the museum.
More local pursuits are in our future
as we vacation from home this summer. :)

The Aquarium, at the California Academy of Sciences. Thankful the croc tank/enclosure remains from the old 20th century building. I miss the archaic architecture but so much care has been put into this renovation. Well worth the effort as I'm not much of a fan of city driving. Aquariums offer an undisturbed glimpse into a quiet, mysterious world. We always wish we had more time to simply observe. Below, Sarah. Then Matthew and Justin, buds.

 We could have sat here for hours...
Fun with the camera...

The temperature has risen. I know this because our once emerald-green hills have turned their golden hue. The butterflies are dancing through our back yard in pairs and the roses and butterfly bush are in full bloom. I know this because my paint turned to globs on the brush and in my cup while I painted the exterior of a house today. It does not matter that it hit 90 degrees, according to our digital thermometer that records the factual highs and lows. The temperature has risen and this I just know. Summer comes. The wheel of the year turns. Half the year passes whether we are ready or not. Above and below are two recent shots captured by taking the side roads home yesterday. It's always worth the effort...even in the heat. :)

Thinking today of a special young lady who continues to impact the world in her quiet, creative, beautiful ways. See you soon Maddy.
Going *to* the new mother instead of her bringing the baby to a photo shoot just makes sense. We take our time. We wait for the baby to be fully fed, changed, relaxed, at rest. This may take an hour. Or in our case, 3. It's all about patience.
The reward is pure sweetness.

And this last one, taken for Daddy, just makes me giggle...

Time for R&R. Return trip to a beach we've combed for many years. The children grow and change (sporting facial hair and passing the 6' marker, for instance) but the beach maintains its appeal. Although digging and body surfing made up part of the day, so too did the completion of the Mario and Luigi movie, close up shooting of rock climbing details, a re-enactment of Chariots of Fire, and longer and farther excursions along the tidal pools. I love all these children as my own.

Then a stop on the way home to a place you too may have visited.

Yes, in fact, we are a nutty bunch.

And a shot of something pretty along the way...