two years in the making, fruition at last!

today our banner project became not only a plan and a vision, but a reality. after two years of planning and weeks of creating and working with the sign company and city, it has at last been installed: the ballet company's 30x60 banners hang beautifully around the downtown area. here are four of the five, the fifth will need to be photographed once the rain stops. really, i am tickled pink...

thank you Julee Herrmann for these two shots!!

Relying on one another

As mothers, we learn to lean on each other when we need help. It is only natural to ask...How can I ease your load? If I'm there, I will help. If it is anywhere nearby, I will offer. Today was such a day. In the end, it meant friend Q did not need for her daughter to ride her bike miles across town to get to the same class we would attend. I could take her, no questions asked. Her and her daughter's response, per a text before bed? 
Daughter K: "I love Mrs. Hamilton! Doesn't everyone?"
Friend Q: "I do!", 'I replied enthusiastically.'
Well. This particular Friend Q and Daughter K are very near to my heart.  It all comes down to this. Serve one another. Help one another. Support one another. You'll get it back.


For the June production, and the Bankhead's printed Spring program artwork deadline:

Composing At Fever Pitch : San Francisco Classical Voice

 Tickets arrived for ODC (dance)performance featuring Zoe Keating, live, with her cello at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Thursday. Can hardly wait! Image: San Francisco Classical Voice
Zoƫ Keating: Composing At Fever Pitch : San Francisco Classical Voice

gift of girlfriends

there are times when traveling this life feels so entirely complicated and tricky that the future seems unclear. some things change without our consent no matter how closely we follow the rules of expectation, plan ahead, prepare. there are times we can feel battered, unappreciated, unheard, lost. that's where the girlfriends come in. their sincere interest, unconditional affection, open hearts, engaged ears and gentle words of encouragement carry us over and through dark nights and keep us moving forward through tempestuous uncertainties. girlfriends feed us, comfort us, sustain us in ways that keep us strong and resilient while weathering life's storms. 
thank you, my girlfriends.  
i hope i am the kind of friend to you 
that you have been to me.
everything is better because of you.