What a delightful baby. So good to spend time in the space of new motherhood. Rebekah and baby are figuring out their new life together. I look forward to another day or night of being the on-duty help.

Faith in the unknowable, belief in the unseen, hope in the darkest hour and love without condition. The gift: to be a part of a child's spiritual growth and unfolding. I love you Bella.


Oh Mr. Sunshine, where have you gone?
We miss you so.
Come back to us!
Three times this week I received telephone calls from those in need of help -from illness, to distress, to "I didn't know who else to call." I am honored you called upon me in your time of need, and I thank you, my friends. In my mind, there is no other option but to support each other.
This week provided the opportunity to photograph a woman filled with light, grace, vision, and humor. To be in the presence of those who help your being is the essence of the springboard of creativity. To be inspired and inspire is a gift. Steph Jordan, you are a rare jewel. Catch her and her show "Living in Color" at: