meet turtle, the great dane puppy. what turtle lacked in training he made up for in charm. he knows how to create a stir anywhere he goes, and for obvious reasons. i can't wait to see him again as a grown up. terry, let rylee know we'll use the secret prop next time. i hope you enjoy these, my friend. :)  


lesson learned a long time ago: be with those who help your being. mrs. wilson had one direction: "do what you do." on a day filled with life stress beyond my control, mustering the energy for creative work for what i do seemed like a line hard to tow. decluttering the mindspace at first felt like an insurmountable task. and then we began, at our chosen location, this threesome of girls i have come to know over the years with the deepest of affection. a breakthrough happened. the authenticity of relationship is undeniable. no artificial sibling love to dig through and turn around into something lovely. that truth cleared my own obstacles, opened paths of possibility otherwise unaccessible. how grateful to be in the presence of the most important of all things, that which invigorates, rejuvenates, clarifies and inspires: authentic relationship. thank you wilsons, for letting my creative vision be a part of your world.  

faithful companions

they wait patiently, are never grumpy, are delighted just by our presence. a twinge of guilt creeps over me every time we go away. we call it the spa, but the kennel is no place like home. despite the hair, the paw prints across the floor, the wet slobbery attention, there's the faithful companionship and loyalty that cannot be compared to anything else. cats are pleasant, but this heart has gone to the dogs. 


it needs no introduction. its iconic shapes and forms are known world wide. after 16 years i've finally had the opportunity to return, thanks to cousin and his wife plus their children, our well loved cousins. although a wildfire's smoke obscured the view from above, by later in the day and from the valley floor, the views were lovely as ever. my cousin's view as the pilot's eye from above must be nothing but spectacular from dawn until dusk. thank you family, for hosting us. love and miss you already. ~kerri

donner, part IV

thanks mom and dad, for making it happen, year after year.
we love you!

donner, part III

day trip to virginia city, nevada
gayle's mother and stepfather were married about 1951 in st. mary's, "nevada's first catholic church". such a lovely setting. these are for her...
these others are random virginia city images, from downtown saloons to lighting fixtures and ceiling tiles, mining tunnels (a miniscule sample of the 700 miles underneath foot) and hand forged wrought iron cemetery fences.