andriese. bizzini. brennan. part II of II

part II reveals more fun on the nut farm :)

andriese. bizzini. brennan. part I of II

quite possibly the most conceptually confused family session ever. which makes me laugh. orchard, families, couch, quad, dogs, firearms, framework, a 60th birthday party, pettiskirts, and old trucks. somehow it all works.
isn't that what family is about anyway? more coming by tomorrow. ~kerri

what it becomes

making nice imagery is, well, nice. i want to make excellent imagery. dancer images should emote to their audience. babies should spark a sensitive response from the viewer. a portrait should meet the subject at their level. it's a matter of the heart, really, to take the gifts and aspirations of a person and from those nuances and unique qualities create a conceptual art piece that conveys something about who they are, where they are going, or where they come from. a picture is a recording of the obvious. what it becomes is subject to the artist.

for jenna: "Divine Order"

for michelle, alaina, ivan: "Ascension"

braatz part IV of IV

let's keep it real. the outtakes. :) kerri
full gallery uploading to

braatz, part III of IV

the siblings...

braatz, part II (of IV)

how can it be, the boy we met at park day so many years ago has sprouted into this young man? ivan is fun to watch on stage, but to know him is to love him. it's just a shame he's so shy. ;-)kerri

braatz, part I

alaina's beauty lies in her simple complexity, sensitivity, creativity, and sheer power - that she has only begun to realize and release.
more to come, miss alaina. love, kerri


for lexie, there seem to be no bad days. her magnanimity fills a room, making it nearly impossible to be grumpy or cross. she is light as air, or at least appears to be so. full gallery uploaded to kerri