classical considerations

for ann's consideration...keep in mind that image and frame selections are purely subjective and meant as demonstration concepts only. remember that all framed prints have multiple purposes as they may also be set up as display pieces on easles at public performances.

 or better yet:

 interior considerations...a controlled, designated space for information, brochures, announcements, newsletters, etc.:

the "new" gallery wall / entry. four 16x20 framed prints swapped out annually or as desired. NO other papers attached to this wall.

mounting art lights above each image would allow for them to be left on at night, based on availability of electrical power to that wall.
call me. :)

guardians of the flame

the guardians of the flame from all over the globe left monday, in two teams, officers and athletes together traversing the bulk of south korea via northern and southern routes. i've lost track of the number of cities they have been received in to, but at each stop a dignitary reception, local performances, and recognition. a different hotel every night, long days of running and greeting, carrying the eternal flame of hope to its destination: the opening ceremonies of the world winter games for special olympics. husband's notes have been so good and descriptive, my little blurbs do them no justice.
photos: andrea kramer, special olympics law enforcement torch run 2013

8 days into the run, they are reaching their destination. a snyp from scott:
"Today we started not too far from the hotel in Gangneung. As we ran into downtown, there were so many people on the streets cheering we could not hear the cadence. As we entered what may have been the the local palace, it was packed with citizens and athletes from Greece and India....We ran into Yangyang which is known for its salmon run. They gave us all knitted beanies that looked like a salmon. More opera/choir singing and cheerleaders that got everyone's attention! After running a few blocks to the river, we all got to release baby salmon into the river. When the salmon are grown, they will return to the river. It also was symbolic in the hope that we would all return to visit some day. I really enjoyed releasing the fish...Next was off for Pyeongchang and the Flame Unification Ceremony. At a junction of two highways we picked up the other runners from route one. We made it to the Unification ceremony with five minutes to spare."

tomorrow: the culmination of a week of running across a little country with a very big heart 

fleeting, glittering moments

do you ever look at something ordinary, something you've seen 100 times before and suddenly see it entirely new? usually when this happens, i am without camera. this time, with camera in hand, i decided to act upon that impulse. no tripods, no "proper" dusk equipment to assist. the light faded so quickly there was no time to lose with all that thinking and engineering, but to go with the internal direction that requires nothing but instinct. the lovely glittering necklace that adorns this urban lake has so many hidden jewels that i did not capture, but a bit of her essence was recorded that night, in those fleeting minutes.

making visual impressions

a synopsis of a thought provoking and validating interaction: yesterday, a friend and client stopped me. placing her hand on my arm, she told me she had taken the book i'd made of her ballerina daughter to their family's holiday gathering. they were stunned by the book and asked her, "do you just look at this and cry?" i understand what they mean. they had not seen anything like it. 
these are the tidbits of detail that make every long hour, every joint ache, every night of blurry vision and neck pain worthwhile. to make a visual impression that moves a viewer to tears and emotion,to give a mother something to hold on to the child growing into womanhood, is everything valuable and authentic. and in a market that is over-saturated and overly competitive, when fast and cheap seem to replace everything fine and refined, finding the uplift of stable ground in the quicksand of this industry keeps me buoyant.


such a lovely birthday i was lucky enough to have this year, in the hospitable, loving care of sonoma county friends. crepe cake, tea, dim sum, pinot noir, late night talks and relaxed sleepy mornings. unassuming, unconditional friendship is so good, and i am thankful. i would be lost without it. feeling gratitude for you, friend b., with whom i can be slow and thoughtful.

into 2013

ready or not, it is here. 2013, the turning of the year. resolutions? not me, this time. new directions? yes, a bit, and perhaps more of a readjustment of the compass toward true north, really, the inner place where i am supposed to be. creatively, it means a return to film processes, to personal projects for the sake of themselves, seeking and accepting meaningful work, for paying attention to the details, being a better listener to the people i love, being a better person overall. it is unclear, exactly, where the path leads, but it is promising and i am eager for exploration. what lies ahead in the distance? 
where will the road go?

  photo source: tumblr/unknown artist