memorial at the capitol

we went in support of kellie. when you don't know what else to do, show up.  

we also toured the areas we could reach on foot.

an informative tour of the tunnels and open areas of our nation's capitol building thanks to our local representative's office: congressman swalwell

interior of the dome, under renovation 

our apartment, at the base of the u.s. naval memorial 
- a nice surprise!
 apartment entrance 

 more curious surprises - 
art from dublin, ireland, our last destination
 balcony view of the d.o.j. & washington monument
fbi across the street to right

about 3 miles to and from the national mall monuments and museums

 national gallery...amazing...vast...

the white house

 no words.

lincoln memorial 

wwii memorial
 washington monument
 one of the smithsonian museums

by bus, on a subsequent, sunnier day


 sunset from the apartment balcony, unedited

 the night jaunt, unedited

the vigil. 20,000 strong
first, meeting up with hayward pd
 gathering from the capitol to the washington monument

 we all do.

 the national service for 137 lost in 2015.
it took a full hour to seat their surviving family members.
neither our president nor our vice president showed.