a blanket re-do

 it was time for some love and renewal, after a dozen years of use. 
last august it looked like this

 friend b's dyes colored the silk binding. the color was beautiful, but daily wear proved more than the delicate silk could manage.

the blanket stitches were carefully removed

until all of the original binding was gone

the yarn too had been hand dyed, by a source that had since evaporated. 
after months of searching, and only finding disappointing yarns from the u.k., i came upon a shawl in my own collection, made from a skein of the original yarn...

which i promptly disassembled into new balls for reuse

and so finally here and away, a new binding was crocheted, a year later. almost complete in los angeles, while with her mama 

and finished. ready now to return to its rightful home.

the power and longevity of friendship

these girls, and some who could not attend, are a part of my sanity and development as a complete person. these diverse and powerful women have blessed my life in more ways than i can express in words. 20 years, and counting

alta mira

the house is finally getting its own website. 
the women's federated club runs this non-profit and the best mother in law i ever had is the club president. it is fair time for a step into this century for the sake of marketing.
she has always been very progressive, after all.
i helped by taking pictures. with my phone. 
that makes me giggle.

but the house is lovingly preserved, largely due to the efforts of the local women who care for it.

the last time i took a selfie in this mirror involved a mamiya 120 analog camera, a 40th wedding anniversary...
and a sleepy toddler boy tucked into his backpack, on my back.

echo park

the last road trip of summer (i think)...off to a quaint corner of l.a.'s neighborhoods, full of delicious local food and even better: the company of one of my dearest!
she came prepared  

the Paley Center's Outlander 18th century costumery. for sets, we must arrange travel to glasgow. i just might need to do that.

claire's hand painted dressing gown

more hand painting

love the raw edges

machine button holes & embroidery, but still
 18th century meets the 1940's sensibility of claire fraser. no details overlooked  

wishing there had been kilts. 
apparently they painted their own as well

also -
bucket list stop...the getty museum... a must see
paintings, sculpture, gardens, photography, etc., so much goodness. must take time for a return trip as we only saw parts of it

one man's personal collection on exhibit for all to enjoy...for free.

us : )

good bye until next time, echo park. your ceviche and artisanal breakfast were delish

and, happy 22nd anniversary c. and r.
(the view from our bungalow front door, looking toward beverly hills)

to the lake

shooting the breeze on the porch in the shade...pun intended. this is the closest i get to firearms these days...little pump bb pellets from husband's childhood, brought up by grampa.

early morning, quiet, pine and cedar aromas. ahhhh.
 father and son head off to the lake for their fishing trip...grampa says it's his last. we're hoping for the best, and that it's not. 

well...the company was good...the fish - evasive...but the laughs were not

cottage by the sea

we were overdue for our annual retreat, and so we went away - to a cottage by the sea, estab. 1895

oh, the glorious view

delicious coastal fog rolls in and promptly withdraws, revealing a lovely pink setting sun

 missylou has beat us back to return industriously to her friend, ms. singer

 blankets, bunting, baby couture and mending. 
27 pieces and counting - all in an afternoon's work

 my turn to provide lunch, so salmon and tea on the patio it is

friend b's gifts of the past reappear in the present 

 so easy, right, and comfortable. i love them.

looking out, looking in, looking forward, looking back

until next time!