the real deal.

meet jeff, my stepsister's son. here is what it comes down to. just when i think i should retire out of frustration, when this art form is compromised by well intended new photographers flooding the market for pennies, giving away the moon and knowing so little of this craft, something miraculous happens. one is appreciated for years of work, for the skill and style that is one's own. this is why i do what i do. portraiture is personal. a certain level of trust and understanding must be reached for portraits to contain any level of sincerity, authenticity. it is not about a modeling session, or looking like who they are not. it's personal. it has so little to do with glamorizing a senior to meet current trends for the sake of making imagery their friends will covet. what's the point in that? it needs to be real. jen and jeff are the real deal. and they trust and appreciate me.
so the circle of life is epitomized by this session. really, weren't we just graduating from high school and planning the next step in our lives? it is jeff's turn. his maturity and focus will certainly drive him to heights we can only imagine. i am so proud of him, and of my stepsister, who has put so much of herself into her son. i hope they will be well pleased with these. pinch me. we have a second session at the coast coming in a few months!

she's homeward bound

she comes home today! it has only been 4 days. but i really missed her this time. she has been away at a dear friend's house in the foothills while home from college and i couldn't be happier-for both of them. nevertheless, i have missed my quiet, helpful girl and will be glad to have her home.i'm not quite the same when my children are away. 

birthday in the happiest place on earth

thanks to a very special family who took matthew on their trip for their own son's 15th birthday to the happiest place. such a treat in so many ways. thanks, thanks, and more thanks to parents kimberly and joel, and to grammy and grampy for their rv accommodations. he has not stopped talking about it. 
love, kerri 
all photo credits: matthew and company

miniature world of smithland

attention to the world of tiny is the inspiration from certain friends in sonoma county who see the world as a blank canvas, find the smallest details achievable, and are ceaseless in their creating of all things miniscule - without loss of quality or craftsmanship. 16 year old maddy recently created sandwiches for her dollhouses, a product among several that will be featured in a future etsy shop, among other such small wonderous things. here is a (very small) peak into the miniature world of smithland...

one more for debbie

might this be a fun option? 5x15, which i must order for you. 

adventures in silver clay

crafting in clay of silver is nothing less than alchemy. witnessing the metamorphosis from a gray earthen medium to a gleaming semi precious metal piece is astonishing even for the one forming it at every step. cheryl is the kind of teacher i strive to be: patient, informative, knowledgeable, careful yet daring, encouraging, inspiring. thank you my dear friend for opening this world to me.
 photo credits for most: sarah hamilton

for debbie

revisions, per your requests. i hope these meet your vision.and a quick update: your blurb book is in production, and the softcover should arrive any day. the entire package should be delivered by month's end. yay you! love, kerri

valentine's day

i am not fond of this commercially driven 'holiday'. i find it a bit loathesome that merchandisers push the card and candy sales so. still. i make or purchase cards for my children and husband, and usually a little candy too. that is the irony. but really, after all, it still is about care, and the expression of that miraculous thing of the heart that heals, inspires, always remains, love.