acro is new to me, a risk i chose to take because of its beautiful potentiality. to date, the most daunting set up i have undertaken. ever. set up: 9:30 a.m. home: 9:00 p.m. yes, long day, but it was still the set up that left me sleepless the night before.
husband hung our 140" seamless paper backdrop 18' off the ground. (it was so large it had to be trucked in.) we have never gone that high before. have you see the ladders that accommodate that kind of height?! what would i do without him?? between him and marie, the coach, they managed to tack in to place where husband then finished the taping with 4" gaffer's tape. he left to help another friend and so from there, i went at it alone. once set in place, and with four lights at the ready, the session was able to begin. a few shots in i knew i had chosen wisely. there are times in the world of art when vision meets application and something magical happens...which is a tricky dance considering it involves more than the visionary. and so it begins my love affair with acro, the sport where gymnastics meets dance...

a most gala event

what was once an agricultural meeting building set the stage for the unrolling of the hollywood red carpet and the arrival of 80 teens for our tve 2012 prom. these homeschoolers entered past the paparazzi, then danced the night away under twinkling candlelight, accompanied by djB and m.c. Beloved Son. two friends danced the footloose choreography which provided some very fun entertainment. at least 3 months in the planning of many many details, hours of set up, and many many hands and hearts made this event magical and oh so memorable. it turned into a tall order, a big job, and positively grand. i adore these kids, all of them. oh yes, we have (even bigger) plans for next year!

 how track stars and ballet dancers square off?

remember this?
here it is, upcycled along with another...can you see them? bronze spray paint and baby food jar lids glued for candle holders...

chaperones get to have fun too :) thank you sarah for this shot

rheannon, part ii

Part II of sweet baby Rheannon, who at 10 months is eager to walk and join the big people in her wide open world. Don't you want to kiss those cheeks? So fun to have big sister with us. Thank you Nicole, I hope these are joyfully received. Your full gallery is available at my website.