revisiting the growing family

time marches on, yes? missy-lou is now 3 and awaits a new delivery to her growing family. relationship dynamics change and bloom, furniture is rearranged like the game pieces of our lives, everything refitting and making space for that which is to come. lifestyle portraiture can feel so contrived and staged so my direction is minimal, at best. the intimacy of raw family life so much richer than anything planned. we never ever truly know what we will get, after all. we just trust, gently guide, observe. love these friends and their expanding family...

 r: remind me which olivia books? i'll look for them.
part ii...the original purpose of our visit.
 did i mention?...
 love. the rest of your gallery is HERE

moms' weekend away

it used to be the annual homeschooling conference. for 2 nights and 2 1/2 days we would stay at an educational conference and use ourselves up in workshops, vendor halls, restaurants and shops nearby. we've outgrown that conference and now simply make time for US - for recharging, for relaxation, for not having to be on anyone's schedule other than our own. 2 of the best mothers and friends i could ever ask for, and oh, how lucky, over mother's day weekend! happpy mother's day to us, while at asilomar and carmel. yay us. :)

notes of thanks

they stopped me at the prom to thank me. that surprised me. they sent me facebook messages to tell me how much fun they had. that caught me off guard. they have even sent hand written thank you notes to my home address. so much time, energy and work put into one event and now, my heart is full, and grateful. it was worth every minute.

light pa*nting

did i show you any of the shots that lead to our current jazz poster concept? LED lights, a tripod, and repeated efforts make for a fun night of experimentation. ohhhh the ideas of where and how to take this to the next level! 

art fest*val

djmattyh ran the music for 2 days of art & wine festival while sister danced, dad lugged equipment and mom photographed. the dj booth was never at a loss for visitors, and he's been invited back again next weekend for the amgen tour. it's nothing short of awesome when considering the opportunities that await a willing heart.

dslr class spring 2013

they have completed my 4 week course in dslr training, and truth be told: i miss the giggling, the questioning, the inquiry, the fun. they, like me, are not eager to be captured by the camera, so i agreed not to make many images of them. one will have to do, but don't they look ready to conquer the world? we covered a lot of material in a very short time. our models received free headshots for their dance and acting portfolios, and our photographers were able to work with real people. win, win!
here are a few samples from our headshot sessions, indoor and out:

this mom is moving to irvine. i wish her well, and will miss her.

  my favorite :)