broadway comes to the south bay

finally made it. wonderful costuming, music...just like everyone said.


the view from my driver's seat as i traverse 580 west, east, east, west. the sun sets as yet another fire smolders in the hills between school and home. the light is fading. the nightly drive home will soon be shrowded in fall's early darkness. 

and, he's off

it's anyone's guess if we will see him next summer. internships, work, girlfriends, life beckon his attention. so glad to have had time with him this summer, if even fleeting. 
up, up and away, friend and favorite iron man!
if we are lucky, we will catch him this way at lauri's...

annual beach tradition

 annual gathering of the usual suspects. 
one leaves tomorrow, back to college. 
below, students of life, film, all things interesting, 
and environmental sciences
 we remember 9/11 for someone's birthday
gathering before caching

good times.
and a birthday cheesecake on a 1930's flour sack quilt top. :)

son's latest video shoot