all in a day's hike

a.m.: 5 mile trail through sycam*re grove. first time in years seeing the water level so high! 
the algae blooms post-drought though...

p.m.: 1.5 mile riparian trail for shade, at l*s trampas with my girl and our four legged friend.

stanf*rd memor*al church

oh that mrs. stanford, so progressive in her thoughts, ahead of her time, knocked down and yet built up by terrible grief over losing their only son. neither he nor she went to college, yet they purposed to build a university open to all. 
leland did not live to see the church, but jane did. 
her parents, for whom she built it, surely would have been so pleased. scottish stone carvers, venetian mosaicists, old world and new world leaded glass artists-and not all men. women clergy, and clergy from every faith to deliver the message. ours was a female rabbi. a two story organ, smaller ones, a piano, every wall and floor deliberately adorned. and angels, so very strong was her belief in them and the solace they provided. 
lovely. lovely. lovely.
and the experts told her it couldn't be done.

leland jr. ascending to his heavenly father

it never fails...everywhere we go she runs in to someone she knows

art installation

this was one of the most interesting art installations i can remember. stills do not do it justice because none of it was static. each exhibit responded to and interacted with the viewer in its own way, moving and morphing unpredictably by some mysterious combination of algorithms and electronic imagery.

besides. the company was good. <3 nbsp="" span="">


heading back to my peeps this weekend to stay while the mom and dad are away. miss bella crossed a threshold this month, that of her 8th grade graduation. time flies. i have so enjoyed witnessing her grow and become. onward now, to new school, new directives, new learning, and a fresh start.

so. co. 21

sweet treat: enjoying miss madlyn's 21st birthday in my other favorite nest, home away from home

this young woman, of purpose, kindness, grace, and vision

lemon verbena, meet lemon verbena

present and past converge as one

 the open, obscured, straight & curving path of life

the quiet present

adaptation, and microclimates
and love : )