the birds they say
the break of day
start again i hear them say
it's so hard to just walk away

the birds they sing
all a choir
start again a little higher
it's a spark in a sea of grey

the sky is blue
dreamed of light til it's true
then take it back the pause shall through
my arms turn wings
all those clumsy things
send me up to the wonderful world
and then i'm up with the birds

5 hours in january i spent reserving our seats for this april 28 coldpl*y concert. 18,000 people. sold out....four seats, in a row...up high and to stage right. but being there was enough. being present in the midst of energy and musicality, raw talent and phenomenal stage presence, with three of my favorite people. so thankful we made it happen. so grateful for the memories. my first concert holds a special place. i hope this one did too, for them. 
lasers. confetti. painted pianos. drum pads and reverberation. thousands of voices rising in unison. magical din. 
acapella all the way home. 
i have not stop singing...

photo credits: drew f, arc*neartist

sparkling lovelies

swan lake/aladdin/illusions...the show has arrived, tonight, so at last i can reveal these little lovelies i've kept under wraps for the last month. truth be told, they were quite time consuming,  but oh how pretty they are on display, all the sparkling 925 silver and faceted glass! hopefully they will go home with their rightful owners one by one at tonight and sunday's ballets. wish me luck :)


full dress rehearsals tonight, plus complete shows for the weekend. busy few days for me, but not in comparison with the amount of work required by these dancers. can't wait to see the show! wearable color portraits encased between glass and silver? OH MY. come see me in the lobby to view the new lovelies... :) (quickie ipod photo)

when roads cross

between the foothills, pennsylvania and ecuador, some of our time with dearest friends is fleeting. so we choose to celebrate every moment we have with them, at every opportunity. although i claim the one on the left, i love the young lady on the right like my own as well.  until our roads cross again...happy travels, kerri
"may the road rise to meet you, may the wind be at your back"


bella's second competition. here we will display just some of the images of her mini session, a request for portaits that she has had for quite some time. how sweet is this, miss j, her blond friend. oh! they look like bella's mom and her childhood best friend....me. 9 years old. let it be known i am an advocate for the amateur, for what they lack in experience they do not lack in drive and potential. i love you bella. you and your beautiful lines too!


is there anything more joyful than a baby's full belly laugh? six and seven month old babies melt one's heart with their receptivity, curiosity and glee. rheannon meets the world with smiles and bright eyes. she captures the hearts of her mom and dad, and big sister too. i can only hope these images will capture them as well. that rheannon's daddy is a film maker only intensifies my already-shy nature. but they have entrusted me with this part of their beautiful baby's memories, and for that i am humbled and grateful. 
here is part i, on the fly, after a rainy reschedule. we caught the tail end of these blossoming cherry trees, thank goodness. session ii to follow in a few weeks.... :) 
for the full gallery by thursday, see: www.kerrihamilton.com

bass coaching

Please meet our new friend Rex Bell. Searching for a bass instructor for beloved son took some effort. Most teachers in studios had wait lists. Those who had openings had either very little music theory or no performance experience. Finding someone who embodied both (plus integrity) seemed almost impossible. And then we found Rex. Not only does he have a strong education in music theory from Berklee, he also comes with a wealth of personal experience performing, recording, and teaching. But you know my standards are high. I remained optimistic but guarded. The real delight came with not only discovering all these qualities about Rex, but in seeing first hand his honest to goodness joy for life, and a real southern hospitality he embodies in the face of perfect strangers. I suspect, much like beloved son, few people are strangers to Rex. But it gets better. Not only is he gregarious and chalk full of experiences on guitar and bass (and mandolin, banjo, etc.), he has also agreed to work with me to create cello accompaniments to play with my cousins when we get together for family jams. And the most important factor in all this? Beloved son is thriving in these bass lessons under Rex's coaching. Looking for a coach? Tell Rex I sent you.

mother and son, the wordless conversation

i say "wordless" because our visual pictorial comes without audio. and anyway, it is for our muses to know of what they spoke, not us. these images make me weepy. their authenticity is spot on. the secrets of their conversation make the images ever more intriguing. 
this is what i work for. an intimate capture of mother and son on the eve of his high school graduation and the beginning of what is next: college plans. 
love, love, love. kerri