dwelling in the light

i have forever been receptive to light and the reflection of it. it draws me like a moth to the flame. the sparkling allure of light makes me dream and disappear somewhere else into other places most people don't consider. there's a quiet comfort in the light. maybe it explains why we seek solace in front of a crackling fire, why we burn candles in remembrance of others, why christmas lights exude magic, peace, and child-like fantasy. 
then there are the lights past the obvious, the delicious bokeh of all things glittering and water like, less defined in shape and form, filling the negative space into something ethereal. that negative space? more places to dwell and to dream.


this evening's work: dress rehearsal!


baby elliott, for gina. just a few precious glimpses... moments in between website layout tweaking, and planning. the mama is a very good juggler of all things important and dear. she is wise, taking exactly the right amount of time to make her adjustment into re-entry.
  good night, little one...

Click it. It's fun. :)

close up view

the gathering of elves for the annual tree decorating, which used to take much more time. arms and legs reach further now, minds are more clever and the assembly simply faster. ladders are no longer necessary for retrieving boxes from the garage shelves. and all is well, illuminated in sparkling white Christmas lights, and i am pleased to have had the company of so many years. it's one of those gifts that keeps giving, 
as this is for now, the view from my studio workspace:
joyful, joyful. :) thanks, friends.