2013 banner project additions

2 more banners for downtown. so fun!

h*rlem shake

the things we do for entertainment...here's something to make you giggle. i'm the christmas tree with cello in the back.

Here's the YouTube link for a bigger view

new ride

we went into the Goodwill for a sari, for movie-making. we came out with this. this is what happens when you take 3 teenage boys shopping. who was i to argue? they have big plans for their new ride. :)

teens and a camp fire

beloved son asked if he could host a party over president's day weekend. i'm usually happy to oblige, so we offered, spur of the moment. they arrived. they kept arriving. they told progressive stories around the year's first campfire. despite the cold. despite the smoke. we made a fun memory, and i am thankful to have hosted 20 teenagers in my home.

through another's viewfinder

i wasn't there. she was with friends from social club, a photo shoot afternoon out of doors. i cannot help but like this.  FILM.
photo credit: the one and only nico falabella. 

ready for print